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We all have so much to offer to our friends, families, the community, our environment and the world.  Yet our potential to make a positive impact is limited by the resources we have available to us.  

My mission is to work with business owners to create more resources for themselves and their families. In turn, I hope to inspire empowered thinking and responsible choices.



I'm scared of flying animals, can't have dairy and LOVE talking business. Find out more about me, my business and the initiatives I support.

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Action Changes Things

What have you done recently that your future self will thank you for? As a child growing up, did you imagine yourself living the life you're living now? 

Follow my action blog to get some inspiration on actions you could take RIGHT NOW to make a difference to yourself and to others.

Exerpts from my blog

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Action Blog

Having spent the last few months putting together the Near and Distant Stars event, all the effort from speakers and fellow sponsors paid off on Monday and Tuesday this week. 

Leading up to the event, there were many sleepless nights. I worried about logistics, whether we had taken care of all our speakers, whether we had helped our fellow sponsors get the most out of it, etc etc. 

In week 5 we learnt about emotions and feelings. Most importantly, how to be mindful of them. 

We often "react" to certain situations seemingly involuntarily. For example, someone at work may have dropped the ball resulting in you missing a deadline and that can result in you getting angry. The situation was the stimulus and your anger was the response. 

Being able to be "mindful" of these emotions and feelings we can start observing the situation. By being able to observe, instead of being stuck in the situation we start creating a gap. A gap or some space between that stimulus and the response. 

Its week 4 and even though I haven't been practising as much as I'd like, I'm starting to feel the positive effects. 

I've been more creative with my business ideas and have alot more energy! 

At the class our teacher talked to us about resistance, which alot of people experience when they first start meditating. I personally can relate to this because its stopping me from practising as much as I can. I often find myself procrastinating until I run out of time to meditate. 

I continued to be crazy busy last week so I didn’t even have time to write and reflect on my meditation experience!

Having said that, even though the craziness has continued, I have felt calmer and less stressed than before. I’ve achieved quite a bit in the business and started eating healthy again.

Is it the meditation working or is it all in my head? Or a bit of both?

Weeks 2 and 3 of meditation were great. It was like going back to study NLP again – lots of great reminders about habits, motivation and the way we learn.

One of the “wow” moment was when Nicky quoted this from Dr Deepak Chopra’s book, Quantum Healing:

“The average person has about 65,000 thoughts a day of which 95% are the same ones that passed through the day before”

The past week was one of the busiest I’ve experienced since starting my business. There was so much on, so many people to connect with and so many deadlines. I found myself unable to switch off and would wake up every night at around 4am ready to start the day again.

It was a good thing I got given a “meditation for beginners” course as a Christmas gift and the course started yesterday.

When I arrived at the course, I was wishing that I was back in front of the computer working away. In my mind there were all these things I needed to do, not sit back and relax!